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Our airplanes offers more in the meaining of exterior and interior design therefore we intend these planes to the luxourious segment in the market. We believe that it can be produced more aesthetic and ecnomical airplanes by using clean, purified shapes which means favorable retail prices in the market.

Our designs breaks with ordinary tradtional shapes and we gives a novel appearing to the airplanes but also keep the centurial convention of aeronautical knowlegde therefore they have positive flying nature and they also extends the limits of function applicability as well.

On our product range it can be found land-based and amphibious aircraft with specific abilities. These abilities means the STOL and WIG attributions and some of our airplanes have both of them.


The basic conception of Skycruiser was a two seated amphibous airplane with maximum take off weight of 560kg. Accordingly it has been designed with a 90 litres capacitiy of fuel tank for the engines of 100-130hp. However, the version of mk3 can be arranged and increased for the maximum take off weight 560kg (600kg) up to 750kg (860kg) because of its great gemetrical and aerodinamical capabilites and its spacious interior space. It has a stronger engine version this equipped with Rolls-Royce RR500 turboprop engine which leads further weight decrease and this means long range ability as well. All of these weight increase do not change the behaviour of central gratvity and longitudinal static stability of the airplane due to its favourable gemetrics and structural arrangement. LSA version will appear in the designed airplanes menu soon.

Skycruiser MK4

This version also had the evolving opportunity to become a four seated version with powerfuller engine. These abilties summed and can be found in the version of mk4 which is a four seated version with stronger engine and long range function with MTOW of 1100kg.

The airplanes made of composit materials. This means mainly high&strenght carbon composit fiber which is a kind of intermediate modulus with high tensile and compressive strength values (fibre variant of Torayca T300). The chocie of these construction material allows the dry-weight reduction.

The landing gears made of high strenght aluminium alloy (5754) which has accomplishment of good salt water corrosion resistance that gives lightness for the empty structures mass of the aircraft. The landing gear shock absorbers (amortisators) are kind of oil-pneumatic to improve shock absorbtion and decrease weight.


The main control system has mechanic movement (7075 T6 aluminium and carbon composit tube pushrod): aileron, rudder and elevator. The setting of the flaps and sponson-flaps are controled with electric linear actuators as well landing gears retraction. It works without hydraulic system.

The practical geometrics arrangement is very favourable on power on longitudinal stability of these airplanes. The distance between the propeller thrust line and vertical CG. of airplanes is small, so the thrust power as moment arm has not influences the change of pitching moment due to power effect in longitudinal stability.


The engine cowling-canopy is fully streamlined design and the cowling air intake as well. The entire shape of the airplanes give one of the best drag characteristic in this category. It can be found succesfully the solutions the design of the pusher arrengement taken into account the engine cowling requirements and the cowling-drag optimalisation of this configuration.

We achieved it to the optimal integration of centroplane-wing root and engine cowling canopy mostly.

The spacous modern and ergonomic design of the interior offers the appropriate comfort and the pusher arrangement gives excellent views for pilots and passengers at the same time. The custom-designed appearance of the dashboard is completely free from conventions and it can be understand instantly for a beginner pilot and we combined with the analog and digital instrumentation at the same time. The control yoke can be turned onto to the dashboard by a hinge pivot and this solution makes get in and out easier likewise sliding doors.

One of the most important aspects of our design is safety which guaranteed the proper aerodynamic design and ballistic safety parachutes in every airplanes.

The biggest version of skycruisers is the eight seater mk5 version. The primary consideration of utilization of us was to create a light special military cargo amphibious airplane, but this plane also excellent to use for commercial purposes. The target applications for this segment are cover operations, coastal surveillance, search and rescue, disaster relief, humanitarian, medical and missionary work.

Skycruiser MK5

The crew consists of one pilot and one co-pilot, operator and the airplane can carry persons It can take a mission by any weather condition as well. These missions can completed both in air and on water. This amphibious aircraft is able to short take-off and landing and reaching higher flight speed due to the specially designed wing system at the same time.


Swallow MK1 / MK2

These are land-based special STOL airplanes. The wing, the horizontal tail structural and aerodinamical arrangements and airofoils of Swallows are used Skycrusier mk5 as well. The fully streamlined fuselage gives the minimum drag, but it offers more space in the interior. Excellent view capaiblity from cockpit. Suitable for STOL observer flight and surveillance patrol duties. After 50 m runway can take off and land. Landing gears can also retracted. Good manouevrable capabilities around the lateral and longitudinal and vertical axis of the airplane by both variant. Swallow MK1. is a twin boom pusher arrangement with double vertical tail. The wing loading so low, that it can be as glider safe operating without propeller power, that meant also safety flight. Although the stall speed is considerable low, however the speed range is great. Swallow MK2 is an twin radial engine, twin boom arrangement. This arrangement allows the way to 4 seated swallow concepcion, by similar STOL accomplishment, than swallow MK1.

It would be made by carbon composite fiber and light metal materials like the Skycurisers. They have a pure arrangement and they could be manufactured easily.

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