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About Us



Dr. Daniel Bianki

Engineer (Msc), Industrial designer, Layout, Interior and Ergonomics specialisation, Architect DLA, CG artist.

Michael Babusa

Aircraft and Mechanical Engineer, Aircraft and Engine specialisation with special knowledge: Airplanes Aerodinamics and Structures Designeer.


The B&B airplanes is a new airplanes design studio. The designers are a duo, an industrial designer and an aeronautical engineer. „When we were kids both of us had been touched by the influence of aviation and also the inquiring of flying machineries.“

These common interests connected us and lead to cooperation with each other. These birds are the result of that joint collaboration. Our designs breaks with ordinary tradtional shapes and we gives a novel appearing to the airplanes but also keep the centurial convention of aeronautical knowlegde therefore they have positive flying nature and they also extends the limits of function applicability as well.

Works and Details

Our design office can be found in the region of the european union but we are open minded to co-operate all manufacturer and investor from anywhere in the world if they think fit cooperate with us.

The basic direction of our ideas were to develop amhibious airplanes with novel solutions from two seated to eight seated turboprop 3000kg MTOW amphibias.

Our airplanes offers more in the meaining of exterior and interior design therefore we intend these birds to the luxourious segment in the market. We believe that it can be produced more aesthetic and economical airplanes by using clean, purified shapes which means favorable retail prices in the market.

On our product range it can be found land-based and amphibious aircraft with specific abilities. These abilities means the STOL and WIG attributions and some of our airplanes have both of them.

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