Skycruiser MK5 / MK5M STOL and WIG with turboprop


  • Crew: one - two
  • Capacity: six - seven passengers
  • Length: 8,3 m (27,23 ft)
  • Wingspan: 13,134 m (43,1 ft)
  • Wing area: 21,254 m2 (228,69 sqft)
  • Wing aspect ratio: 8,1
  • Height: 3,52 m (11,55 ft)
  • Empty weight: 868 kg (1914 lb) without armament
  • Gross weight: 2748 kg (6058,2 lb); (3109 kg (6854 lb.)
    allowable overloaded take off weight by mk5M)
  • Max. Wing loading: 129,3 kg/m2
    (26,49 lb/sqft)
    (by mk5M 146,28 kg/ m2 (29,97 lb/sqft),
    Max. wing loading together with the sea-wing:
    76 kg/m2 (15,57 lb/sqft) mk5 and
    86 kg/m2 (17,61 lb/sqft) mk5M
  • Fuel capacity: 1387 litres (366 US gallons)
  • Powerplant: 1 x Honeywell TPE -331-12 UHR turboprop
  • Propellers: 4-bladed


  • Max. horisontal speed: 491 km/h (305 mph) (at 2000 m,(6562 ft)), without WIG effect
  • Cruise speed: 440 km/h (273 mph), without WIG effect
  • Stall speed: 95 km/h (59 mph) (flaps down by gross take off weight); stall speed the sea-wing taken into account: 75 km/h (47 mph) by 3109 kg MTOW
  • Range: 4500 km (2796 mi) full loaded take off condition of mk5 version, without WIG effect and by 12 L/D ratio; 3626 km (2254 mi) full loaded take off condition of mk5M version, without WIG effect and by 12 L/D ratio and external airfoil setting
  • Best L/D ratio without WIG effect: 13,5 - 14
  • Take off distance: 50-100 m (ground roll)

MK5 Description

The scope of duties of this amphibious airplane is the applicability, to make extensive use of a light cargo amphibous aircraft. Multifunctionality, simplicity,multiability special STOL (low and high speed can be reach due to special arrangement and construction of the wing and stabilizer); WIG; amphibious; long range; cost effective production price due to simpler structures and interior aeronautical systems; low visibly properties (nose and centroplan shape and shielding engine outlet-gas exhaust, low vulnerability; survivorbility due to rescue parachute system; There is no need expensive hydraulic control system.

MK5 Military Description

The primary consideration of utilization of designers was the light special military cargo amphibious airplane. The crew consists of one pilot and one copilot operator for board defense guns and for navigation proposition, and the airplane can carry six fully armed soldier. The airplane has a mounted board defence machine guns (two piece M134 multi barrel minigun system with with 2*3000 rounds of ammuntion) and anti aircraft air to air defense missiles (four pieces AIM-92 Stinger). The selected engine is the powerfull up-to-date Honeywell TPE-331 -12 UHR turboprop with 1100 shp power. Infrared signature of engine exhaust also reduced due to empegnage arrangement and special shape of exhaust.

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